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History of Highbury

Highbury House has not always been a Guest House, and has an interesting history, some evidence of which can still be seen today.

Originally it was the site of Cardigan Gaol, designed and built by architect John Nash. The gaol was designed to hold 32 prisoners in separate cells, although up to 46 were held here at times. They slept on straw with no heating and conditions would have been very harsh. Certainly nothing like the comfortable en-suite rooms at Highbury House today, and they would not have been served a Full Welsh Breakfast.You can find out more about Cardigan Gaol here.

In 1881 the building was converted into a Police station, and in 1898 the front of the building (as seen in the picture) was removed, and two houses were created, Brooklands and Highbury.

In 1949, Highbury became a six bedroom children’s home. During the 1980’s Brooklands and Highbury became one large house, and became the Guest house you see today. The conservatory was added to make a large dining room to serve the guests, and recently the front carpark was added to make off road parking easier.

When you visit Highbury House, please ask, and we can show you some of the building history, you can also look for clues to its past during your stay.